Computer Forensics

CyanLine has a team of highly-experienced computer forensic investigators who have worked with law enforcement agencies, government agencies, and corporations.

Cyanline's team investigates computer- and network-related crimes, providing a thorough identification and extraction of data and full litigation support and expert testimony.

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Network Assessments

The ability to perform both internal and external network assessments is crucial to the security of your network.

At CyanLine we have the tools and experience to perform the necessary network assessments to ensure that your network is protected from all harm. These network assessments include vulnerability assessments, network audits, and penetration and application testing.

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Prevention & Investigation

CyanLine knows that for the sake of your security you can't just allow anyone to assess your network.

You need to be able to trust your network security partner and CyanLine has earned the trust of banks, government agencies, and technology companies to help ensure the appropriate controls are in place.

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