Cyaline Offers Incident Response, Security, and Peace of Mind

CyanLine LLC is a NJ-based company that focuses on the prevention and detection of, and response to cyber incidents. Founded by Steven Branigan in 2004, CyanLine serves both the victims of high-tech cyber crime, as well as the law enforcement agencies that pursue perpetrators, and helps individuals, companies, and agencies acquire top-of-the-line network security.

At CyanLine we provide our services in a professional and confidential manner that is client-focused and results-driven. Innovation is at the core of everything we do, whether it is conducting an incident response, a security assessment, or research and development to ensure that our forensic products and services are at the leading edge of the computer forensics industry.

CyanLine offers custom forensic and network security solutions that are applied by forensic practitioners who have years of experience and acclaimed nation-wide reputations. Our forensic products have been designed with the most up-to-date technology to deliver truly reliable results. Our hard work and expertise provide client satisfaction that makes us one of the top forensic specialists in the industry.

Our strong points

CyanLine specializes in computer forensics and network security solutions that aid individuals, companies, law firms, and law enforcement agencies from across the globe.

Not only will CyanLine computer forensics specialists work to gather the forensic evidence required in a case, they will also work with companies, agencies, and organizations to prevent computer-based crimes from happening and to ensure network security.

With a line of products and services that will aid in all aspects of computer forensics investigations, CyanLine is your go-to for all your network security needs.

Tel: 732.982.8510 or email us at
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