Why should my business care about cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is your business. Protecting your customer’s information and personal data should be a top priority. Numerous data breaches in the past have led to large lawsuits in the United States for organizations that have failed to adequately protect it’s customer’s data. 

Target, Inc (2013)

Under the terms of the settlement agreement “into the security incident announced by Target on Dec. 19, 2013,” reached with the attorneys general of 47 states and the District of Columbia, Target will pay a fine of $18.5 million. The money will be dispersed among the states in amounts that the attorneys general have collectively agreed upon.


A data breach on San Antonio-based CaptureRx that affected 1.6 million patients and 170 healthcare providers has sparked two nationwide class-action lawsuits. 

What types of businesses are most at risk for a cyber attack?

In reality, all businesses are at risk for cyber attacks, large, medium or small. 

You might think large corporations like Apple, Amazon, or Microsoft with more endpoints and hardware are the primary target of hackers. Small to medium sized businesses like doctor offices are huge targets and do not often employ dedicated expertise on-site. 

What is one of the largest challenges that businesses face in terms of cybersecurity?

One of the largest challenges is employing educated personnel who are trained in cybersecurity. 

Most often, hackers initiate cyber attacks after finding a method to steal a current employee’s credentials. 

With proper cybersecurity education and best practices in place, businesses can help themselves protect against the most commonly executed information thefts purported by the means of a cybersecurity attack. One of the most effective methods are Security Awareness Training.

Are organizations doing enough to protect against cyber threats?

Most cares, absolutely not.

Cybersecurity requires consistent education, company wide practices and be enforced with an executive level commitment. There needs to be more awareness surrounding how quickly an attacker could initiate and mount a cyber attack. Businesses need a multi-layered approach to cybersecurity and more often, companies are not doing enough to protect not only customer data, but employee data as well.

What are the most concerning cyber attacks in 2021?

Hands down, ransomware is one of the biggest concerns there is when it comes time to deal with cybersecurity. 

On the other hand, phishing still poses a huge problem in 2021. Through these types of attacks, hackers gain access to an employee’s email account. Then, they set up rules to extract valuable information and data. Once an attacker finds a piece of information they could exploit, they use it to create a genuine looking email to everyone in the employee’s address book with the goal of further exploitation. 

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