Fast-Disk Acquisition System


This is FDAS, the Fast-Disk Acquisition System from CyanLine. Forensically, it’s every bit as sound as your old writeblocker, and it does the same job… but it’s easier to use, more secure, more portable, and faster. Much faster. If you and your team need to obtain computer data at a suspect installation, FDAS is the tool you need.

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FDAS is a one-box system.

No need to bring along a laptop or a suitcase full of hard drives. Just connect FDAS to the source disk, watch the messages in the status display, and hit two buttons. FDAS transfers a complete, byte-for-byte image of the disk onto its own internal store. Brownout? Accidental shutdown? No problem. When the power comes back, FDAS will pick up right where it left off.

When you’re done with source disk #1, move along to #2. And #3, #4, #5… FDAS has 1.5Tb of built-in storage. That’s gigantic. FDAS could swallow the entire contents of fifteen 80Gb PCs and still have an appetite.

It’s Secure

FDAS is specially designed for forensic use. Like a good writeblocker, it won’t erase or alter an evidence disk.

But FDAS goes further. It blocks write access to the disk images in its internal storage. There’s no way to get in and tamper.

When you get back to base, hook FDAS up to your network and type in the password. FDAS gives back each disk image, byte-for-byte, sector-for-sector. Hidden sectors, HPAs, DCOs, error blocks? No problem — FDAS got them all. Nothing gets left behind.

It’s Portable

FDAS is small (6″x8″x4″), neat, and rugged. It’s designed for field use. Working overseas? No problem. The intelligent power supply can handle the voltages.

Insane Speed

Copying a hard disk via writeblocker can take an hour, two — or more.

FDAS copies directly, disk-to-disk. There’s no bottleneck, so copy times are just as fast as the source disk will allow.
On a standard 80 or 120Gb disk, FDAS is about twice as fast as a writeblocker. On a big 300Gb drive our patented technology really flies, outpacing the competition by 300-400%.
Without FDAS, gathering evidence from a big installation might take days. With FDAS, you can be done in hours. No need to overnight.

In one sentence? FDAS is the best field tool for your data forensics team.

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