Arm Your Employees With Essential Knowledge

Employees can be an organization’s greatest strength, but they can also be a source of unintended information security breach. In order to improve how employees handle sensitive information, and also to improve their ability to recognize the warning signs of a pending security breach, CyanLine can deliver a half or full day session on current trends within Cyber Security. These sessions are intended to help the attendees understand the current threats and learn how to better protect themselves.

There are three types of cyber security awareness sessions that CyanLine offers:

General session – This session is targeted to the general computer user. Details on a few high level cyber attacks are discussed. Then, the session turns to the following:

  1. Recognizing phishing attacks, where cyber criminals look to steal your online credentials. CyanLine has the capability of conducting real scenario phishing attacks against your organization if authorized. CyanLine has performed hundreds of customized phishing campaigns scenarios to aid your organization’s employees to recognize phishing emails. A full and detailed report is always provided to management.
  2. How hackers hijack email accounts, and what you can do to protect yourself.
  3. The dangers of attacks such as Cryptolocker and other extortion attacks, along with the one major tip that will protect you from this attack.
  4. How hackers are stealing online banking credentials, and how you can protect yourself.

System Administrator session – This session is targeted to the system administrators that are responsible for managing the computers and networks within an organization. A condensed version of the general session is offered. Then, the session turns to the following:

  1. Technical details on some of the high profile cases are revealed, to allow the system administrators to better recognize potential attacks.
  2. Best practices for handling a potential cyber security incident.
  3. Tools and techniques to track potential malware usage within your organization, including the importance of tools such as Intrusion Detection Systems.

Executive session – This session is targeted to those that manage personnel and set corporate direction. Some major cyber attacks are covered, and implications on policy, procedures, and network security are discussed.

This interactive session results in immediate, actionable changes to network architecture, staffing tasks and to corporate policy.

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