Network Assessment

Offering Peace Of Mind

At CyanLine we offer the highest caliber network security assessments. Among our clients are government and law enforcement agencies, banks, and other high-security organizations. We know how important it is to ensure that network security remains tight and infallible and we have developed a system that gets the job done right – every time.

We also know the importance of putting your network security into the hands of someone you trust. It’s not good enough to close your eyes and point to a listing in the yellow pages, hoping to get someone reliable. You need a network security expert that has a proven track record and at CyanLine we have that, and more, to offer.

Our Strengths

Network security is about prevention. Ideally, a network security breach should never happen, and in order to ensure that it doesn’t the network should be tested regularly. At CyanLine, our network assessment/audit consists of:

  • Vulnerability Assessment – This is a combination of manual and automated processes that are designed to look for potential weaknesses in the network
  • Application Testing – This is a mix of automated and manual processes designed to ensure all application level controls are effective
  • Penetration Testing – This is a mix of automated and manual processes designed to test the controls of many applications
  • Architecture Review – This is a review of the network’s host structure, the communications between the hosts, and the security controls that are in place
  • IT Purchases Review – A full review of IT-related purchases can ensure proper spending on systems, and identify misuse if present. You never want to be spending additional money on your network through employees hosting hotspots.

When you want to ensure your network is secure, you may only get one chance to get it right. At CyanLine we have the experience and the expertise to ensure that no virtual stone is left upturned when assessing your network security. When we are finished with your network security assessment, we guarantee your network will be more secure than before we began.

CyanLine offers a 10% discount if contacted through the website (form below)!

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