Self-Managed Log Service

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The constant evolution of cyber attacks prompts a rapid response to malicious activity. Logs are the foundation of monitoring, alerting and forensics. CyanLine not only specializes in digital forensics, but centralized log management deployment.

With everything in one place, it becomes easier to verify policy compliance audits for access, collection, and log retention.

By having a centralized log management system you decide what data you need to collect in your organization, how long you need to keep it, and who receives access to review the logs.

Speed is everything when it comes to centralized logging. The faster you are able to review the log files, the less time it takes to recognize your data is at risk.

CyanLine has the capability of installing the software from start to finish for your entire organization. No company is too small or large to have logging in place. Our services enable the logging system to handle up to petabytes of data without any truncating, summarizing, or stripping of the original log message.

CyanLine uses GrayLog, a free and open source log management system, to achieve the goal of central log management.

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