CyanLine specializes in computer forensics and network security solutions that aid individuals, companies, law firms, and law enforcement agencies from across the globe. Their targeted form of forensics offers high-tech security solutions with a wide range of products and services that are designed to:

  • Acquire electronic data
  • Identify, extract, and document computer-based evidence
  • Provide litigation support and expert testimony

Strong Points

Computer forensics is the discipline that is focused on the investigation of computer-based crimes and the identification, preservation, and extraction of data that can be used as evidence in a criminal court case or civil litigation. Cases that require the use of computer forensics include:

  • Theft of intellectual property and trade secrets, especially software theft
  • Tracking hacked email accounts
  • Corporate misconduct
  • Incident response and suspected incident handling
  • Inappropriate usage of computing resources
  • Recovery and reconstruction of deleted documents

This form of forensics allows investigators to not only find the evidence, but to be able to ensure that the evidence is preserved in its original form.

CyanLine is your go-to for all your computer forensics and network security needs.

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