Network Security Begins With Prevention

In order to ensure network security, prevention must be of primary concern. The process of prevention begins with understanding the scope of the network, the identities and capabilities of the users, and the controls and log-in procedures put in place to protect sensitive data. Prevention is the result of research and the use of appropriate tools to ensure that security remains at its highest possible level.

CyanLine advises that network security be assessed from both an external and an internal point-of-view. While external assessments are very important, internal assessments are also important to ensure that internal users with a certain level of access to the network do not exceed that level of access. Keeping track of the users is key, as disgruntled employees are often the source of security breaches. Regulation of accounts and regular audits of users’ computers is paramount to attaining a high level of network security.

CyanLine knows that for the sake of your security you can’t just allow anyone to assess your network. You need to be able to trust your network security partner and CyanLine has earned the trust of banks, government agencies, and technology companies to help ensure the appropriate controls are in place.

To assist in preventing unauthorized access or disclosure of information, we provide the following services to find security issues before they are exploited:

  • Network Security Audits
  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Application testing


When possible, our first step is to interview the end-users, as they often know what works and what doesn’t with respect to network security. We also look to the existing policy to see how effective and enforceable it really is. We weigh how the policy impacts business goals and work flow. A policy that interrupts business processes is likely to be circumvented, ultimately weakening network security.

One example of the research performed by CyanLine is the examination of Internet Network Connectivity. This research looked at the growth of the Internet through the relatively passive means of examining BGP tables.

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