Access Point Finder (APFinder)

The APFinder CD is the tool for physically locating wireless access points and testing the security of your wireless network. The APFinder tool is designed to find the location of Wireless Access Points, especially rogue access points, and those who are using them. It presents very easy-to-read graphs showing all the wireless networks that are active in the area.

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Wireless Network Security Benefits

  • Easy and quick to install
  • The ability to conduct strong wireless access audits
  • Does not send out any wireless traffic
  • Easily locate a missing laptop
  • Locate every wireless network within range
  • Locate all conversations within range

How it Works

The APFinder tool works by scanning the all wireless channels in the 802.11a and 802.11b/g range. (This will identify 802.11n as well!) APFinder reports the following information:

  • Wireless access points in range, along with:
    • 1. Signal strength
    • 2. Number of computers using the wireless access point
    • 3. Encryption type being used
    • 4. Network name, even if cloaked
    • 5. country code of the AP
    • and more…
  • Conversations in range, along with:
    • 1. Signal strength, allowing for computers using a specific access point to be physically located
    • 2. MAC address of the wireless card being used
  • All of the networks being sought by every wireless network in range, which makes your wireless audits even stronger

Key Features

  • The APFinder CD is a live linux CD, which provides the power of Linux, and it installs from a CD when you boot your laptop
  • Totally passive method
  • Reports when the user is within 20 feet and 10 feet of a wireless access point or source of a conversation
  • It easily reports the signal strength for WEP encrpyted as well as open networks
  • It scans 802.11a as well as 802.11b/g networks
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