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From the creators of FDAS, CyanLine’s Fast Disk Acquisition System, comes MiniDAS, a portable, installable, live forensic analysis environment. Sporting a simple user interface, the brains of FDAS, and based on Kali Linux, this operating system provides an easy acquisition process and suite of digital, network, RAM, and password forensic tools.

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Mini Disk Acquisition System (MiniDAS)

The only software that allows you to capture critical, yet often over-looked evidence that is on every suspect’s hard drive, including:

  • Number of hours in use
  • Power Cycle count
  • Errors on drive

Initially designed for law enforcement, a key feature of CyanLine’s revolutionary Fast Disk Acquisition System is now stand-alone software available for a FREE demo for members of law enforcement.

What It Is

  • A Forensic Live ISO usable via DVD or USB stick
  • User friendly interface guides the user through the acquisition process
  • Based on Kali Linux (network and forensics focused Linux disto) offers a number of well known forensic tools
  • Specially crafted environment for conducting a forensically sound analysis


  • Boot standard PCs that support debian based Linux
  • Installable
  • Source drive acquisition and acquisition verification
  • Support for GNU DD and EWF acquisition formats
  • Capable of dynamically picking up connected devices
  • Acquisition guide
  • Evidence destination filesystem support for FAT, NTFS, and EXT
  • HPA temporary removal, acquisition and data collection
  • DCO data collection
  • Evidence device health statistics collection
  • Evidence device identification info collection
  • View live acquisition and hashing progress
  • And much more to come!

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